Sell Minilab machine Lense and Paper magazine

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We can provided you the all kinds Minilab machine Zoom Lens, Fixed lense and all modle paper magazine, please see as the below:
135Lens(different type and size)
8UP lens (42.6 x28.2mm or 39x26mm) US$130
6UP lens (42.6 x28.2mm or 39x26mm) US$130
4UP lens (60 x40mm or 53.3x35.5mm) US$120
2UP lens (89 x63mm or 81x54mm) US$110
4UP WB/BL US$150
2UP WB/BL US$130

135lens or 120lens different type and size:
5 inch (89x127) US$130
6 inch (102x152) US$130
7 inch (127 x178) US$130
8 inch (152 x203) US$130
10 inch (203 x254) US$150
12 inch (203 x305) US$150
15 Inch (203 x381) US$150
18 Inch(305 x 458) US$150

China made Paper magazine
QSS1201/1701 paper magazine US$125
QSS1501 paper magazine 8 US$450
QSS2301 paper magazine US$368
QSS2611/2600 paper magazine US$115
QSS2901 paper magazine US$600
QSS3202/3201 paper magazine US$600
QSS3001 paper magazine US$135
QSS3300 paper magazine US$ 150
Konica808 paper magazine US$225
Fuji258/250/257 paper magazine US$142
Fuji140/170 paper magazine US$135
Fuji Frontier 330/340/350/370 US$440
Agfa MSC 100/101/200 /D-LAB2 US$440
Konica R2 8 / 12 US$210 / US$250
Konica R2 dual paper magazine US$ 350
Fuji 232 paper magazine US$335
Fuji fontier 375 paper magazine US$425