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Ingredients: Anti-oxidation nutrimental CMA, Whiten Amino acid L & Vitamin E, B, Natural moisturize element AM-20 & NG

Function: The newest skin care and beauty cosmetic ---Miracle Anti-aging Cream is mainly adapt to middle and old age person use in each season. Through 12 years prove in large people, this miracle anti-aging cream has following function:

1. Anti-free-radical effect, Delay skin aging, often use can increase the skin smooth and flexibility.
2. Anti-Ultraviolet radiation which caused sun-hurt, relieve inflammation reflect.
3. Remove speckle and whiten, restrain splash and tyrosinase activity, reduce pigmentation, beauty skin.

Dosage: Daub some cream on the face uniformity while washing face after in day and night.

Attention: It is available to daub the scream several times. If the color turn to buff, Do not affect the effectivity. Be aware of skin hypersusceptibility person.
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