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NosmoQ is the proven most effective, most popular miracle cure for you to stop smoking and re-gain control of your life. it looks and taste like a conventional filtered cigarettes. it enhances vital energies and increase essence. These are the changes you'll enjoy after quit smoking:
A) First 48 hours with NoSmoQ - your blood pressure will decrease, your pulse rate will drop, the body temperature of your hands and feet will increase.
B) After 72 hours to 5 days - carbon monoxide level in your blood will drop to nornal, oxygen level in your blood will increase to normal.
C) After 7 days to 10 days - your chances of suffering a heart attack decrease, your body's nerve endings start regrowing, your ability to smell and taste is enhance.
D) After 14 days to 30 days - your body circulation improves, you begin to walk easier, your lung function increases, your coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath all decrease.
E) After 2 months to 6 months - your risk of suffering coronary heart disease is decreased to half of that with smoker.
F) After 1 year to 2+ years - your stroke risk is reduced to the level of those who have never smoked.
Brand Name
NosmoQ Gold / Menthol
Supply Capacity
FDA in Korea approved
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3 days
Minimum Order Quantity
220 pcs
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Korea Patent No. 40178
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Credit card using World Pay payment system
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Free courier delivery