Sell Miracle Thigh Cream Cellulite Reducer

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Control Unsightly Cellulite

Finally! A revolutionary scientific breakthrough for controlling unsightly cellulite and eliminating inches. Ivy Extract - Firms body tissue by eliminating excess water to give skin a firmer, smoother appearance. Also improves microcirculation and is beneficial as a vessel constrictor. Spiraea Extract - Stimulates microcirculation. Clematis Extract - Acts as a decongestant and has a dynamic effect on the blood. Stimulates circulation and reduces water retention. Bladderwrack Extract - High in iodine that helps to act as a natural diuretic, stimulates the thyroid gland, removes accumulation of fat, decongestant, stimulant and emollient known for softening, soothing and toning properties. Horsetail Extract - Conditions, reduces oil production, refines pores, produces new elastin and collagen fibers, moisturizes and firms the skin. L-Carnitine - Found in all mammal species, this ingredient promotes the oxidation of fat and plays and important role in the conversion of stored fat to energy. Simply said, L-Carnitine dismantles fat bulges. Caffeine - Acts as a natural diuretic helping to eliminate fluids and restructure cells. Simply apply to your thighs or cellulite area each day.