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Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Abbreviation: MHI) Corporation is the most important part
of Mitsubishi Group. As the pioneer of the latter-day industry of Japanese, MHI has a
long history more than 100 years. MHI now has become the Delegate of the Japanese
industry successful with its experience of technology and management that they have
accumulated gone through the long time.

MHI has the accomplished world-famous achievement in the industry of shipbuilding,
steel structure, engine, machinery, general machinery, aerospace, lift, air condition etc.
Mitsubishi products contributed a lot in satisfying and improving humans life and the
development of industry and technology.

Mitsubishi series generating sets also show its advanced technology.

From 4Kw to 4600Kw, Mitsubishis high-speed and middle-speed series diesel generation
sets are used as continual, stand-by power all over the world.

MHI dedicated to manufacture research and develop all kinds of diesel engines from 1917.
To fulfill the normal or special need of customer, MHI has developed various series of engines
which the capacity from 0.5HP to 56,400HP. For its advanced R&D and technology, MHI gained
a preferable appraisement from all over the world.

Mitsubishi diesel has been used widely in ship driving system and power system.

With a strict system for choosing the OEM cooperator, MHI has set up osculating cooperation
with VERYPOWER Corp. today We will promote the industry of generating sets together
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Mitsubishi Diesel Generating Se
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