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1. Engine Synopsis
The Mitsubishi Heavy industry Joint-stock company, is the Japanese Mitsubishi group's important member. As the modern Japan industry's pioneer, the Mitsubishi heavy industry has passed through more than 100 years course, accumulates the comprehensive technical force in the long-term development to add on modernized the technical level and the management pattern, causes representative who the Mitsubishi heavy industry becomes the Japanese manufacturing industry

The Mitsubishi heavy industry in the ships, the steel and iron, the engine, the equipment formed a complete set, common aspects and so on machinery, aerospace, war industry, elevator air conditioning to achieve the achievement which attracted worldwide attention, the Mitsubishi product to has satisfied and improves people's life, impelled the world industry and the technical progress has made the contribution. The Mitsubishi series diesel dynamo equipment has demonstrated its excellent technical level similarly.
Started from 1917, the Mitsubishi heavy industry devoted to each diesel engine's manufacture and the research and development. The capacity has satisfied the customer general-utility and the special use from 0.5 horsepower to 56,400 horsepower series diesel engines. The Mitsubishi heavy industry advanced research developed and produces the technology and overseas obtains in Japan has highly praised.

The Mitsubishi diesel engine impels the system and the power supply system as well as the oil platform electric power supply in the ships has the widespread application. Takes continuously, commonly used, spare and the peakload power source movement from 4KW to the 4600KW Mitsubishi series medium speed and the high-speed diesel fuel power set in the world. 三 菱 系 列 Diesel dynamo characteristic
The movement stability and the reliability are high, bear the impact on shoulder strongly, the power is sufficient;
Low oil consumption, low emissions;
Services, the maintenance costs to be low simply;
The volume is small, the weight is light.
2. Power set technical standard
Conforms to ISO3046, ISO8528, IEC34 and so on international standard stipulation.
a, Power set standard atmosphere condition (GB1105, ISO3046 stipulation) :
Atmospheric pressure 100Kpa (elevation 100m)
Ambient temperature 250
Relative temperature 30%
b, Control box
The standard has the CP-620 automatic control screen, has the automatic starting and the engine off function; Brings the liquid-crystal display, may demonstrate that unit running status each kind of parameter, protects the function to be complete; Automatic city electricity battery charger.
May bring PC according to the user request match the monitoring function CP630 control screen.
c, Diesel engine
4 strokes, 6 cylinders are in lines, 12, 16 cylinders are V, 60 kwh included angles, water cooling, exhaust turbine turbo-charged, in air/water cold, spurts the type combustion chamber straight, 3 link pistons, a cylinder lid, 4 tire valves, the dry type exhaust manifold, the 24VDC electricity starts, electronic velocity modulation.
d, Alternator
Excitation way: Not brushes from the excitation
Insulation grade: H level
Protection rank: IP21-IP23
Voltage regulation: Automatic voltage regulation
e, Unit electrical specification
Achieves GB2820.3 and ISO8528 the G3 level request and posts and telecommunications system YD/T502 the correspondence special-purpose diesel dynamo's specification stipulation.
Rated voltage: 400/230V
Wiring way: 3 4 Frequency: 50Hz
Power factor: 0.8 (lag)
Voltage relative regulation (%) : Stable state <=11
Transient state +20~-15 Frequency relative regulation (%) : Stable state <=1
Transient state +10~-7
Voltage wave pace (%) : <=0.5
Frequency flutter rate (%) : <=0.5
Load sudden change voltage regulation time (S) : <=1
Load mutation frequency settling time (S) : <=3
Wave distortion (%) : <=5
Suppresses the radio jamming: Conforms to the VDE0875-N level and the GB2820 stipulation But should the user need provide 60Hz and other international general service pattern diesel dynamo.
3, Standard goods supply scope
The power set includes
The engine (belt complete appendix, three filter, electrical system)
Radiator (ventilator water tank)
Automatic control box
Above each fits out a body
4, Sending out

Exhaust elbow
Corrugated pipe
Accumulator cell
Battery ties
Antivibration cushion
Stochastic technical paper

5, May select
The low temperature starts the auxiliary unit
Automaticswitching cabinet
And machine installment
Water jacket pre-heater
The generator goes to the tide
Heat interchanger
Each kind of monitor project
Centralism long-distance supervisory system
Fuel oil tank
f, Other special installments
Low noise unit
Trailer power plant
Container power plant
Thermoelectricity combination unit
Port machine special-purpose power plant