Sell Mixed Signal Micro Processor

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FORTUNE series promising the leading quality in the weight and measure product applications, not only we provide the highest quality chip, but also offers the custom system specification accordance to the customer demand, provide the most complete IC solution.

FS9932/12R , MASK ROM mixed signal micro processor :
FS9932/12R available in 2K , 4K MASK ROM, working voltage 2.4V~3.6V , with working current less than 2mA , designed for high concordance composite signal microprocessor .
FS982X , OTP mixed signal micro processor :
FS982X series micro processor includes FS9821 , FS9822 , FS9823 three types , each available in 2K, 4K , 8K OTP ROM , working voltage 2.2V~3.6V , working current less than 4mA , designed for high concordance composite signal microprocessor .

Suitable for battery management, power source management, sensory application (electronic scale) , multipurpose electric instrument, health care (electronic ear gun and etc) , energy gauging, and other portable products needing small signal gauging .