Sell Mixing Mill (Mixing Roll, Open Type Mixer)

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Detailed Product Description
For masticating and kneading natural rubber, synthetic rubber, EVA or PVC
pellets with various kinds chemical material and warming the cold material
which shall be supplied to the calendar, embossing calender or hot presses.
This machine is used for mixing and kneading raw rubber, synthetic rubber,
thermoplastics or EVA with chemicals into even materials. The even materials
can be fed to calender, hot presses or other processing machinery for making
rubber or plastic products.

Manufactured from chilled cast iron, inside rolls are cooled by water or
heated by steam

Manufactured from welded steel plates or high tensile cast iron for maximum

One piece construction of welded steel plate or cast iron provides maximum

1) An oil sealed type bushing, the bushing housing is manufactured from
cast iron, and the inside diameter is fitted with high lead bronze.
Designed with water circulation circuit for water cooling, reducing heat
generated between the roll neck and the bushing
2) The bearing type bushing is constructed of cast iron housing and high
strength bearing at inside diameter

Bushing lubrication:
Employs automatic circulated lubrication system

Roll gap adjustment:
1) Manual gap adjustment is standard
2) Powered gap adjustment is optional

Reduction gear box:
Three-step totally enclosed gear reducer is driven by bevel gear. Gears are
lubricated by self splash lubrications system