Sell MnZn ferrite cores

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ferrite core type EE which is produced by Tongda, a professional producer of ferrite cores. I hope we can have a nice communication and create a win-win situation.

Origin: China
1) EE / EF / EI / ER / ED / EC / ETD / ET / FT series ferrite cores
2) Material: Mn-Zn high permeability,
3) Used for filters, chokes, and family use pulse transformers

The main products cover six categories and one thousand specifications including deflection yoke rings, Mn-Zn power ferrite, Mn-Zn high permeability ferrite, iron powder cores and magnetic powder cores. The products are extensively used in communications, computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, LCDs, and automobiles, etc.
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MnZn ferrite core type EE