Sell Mo(Molybdenum) (F-ST-1020)

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Molybdenum is a silvery-white, hard metal which is widely used in alloys, electrodes and catalysts.

The essentials:
Chemical formula: Mo
Color: silvery white
Atomic number: 42
Atomic weight: 95.94(2)
CAS registry number: 7439-98-7

We supply a wide range of molybdenum products including powder, wire, foil, sheet, plate, rod, strip, boats, crucibles, tube, alloys and etc.

1) Molybdenum powder
2) Molybdenum wire
3) Molybdenum rod
4) Molybdenum strip
5) Molybdenum plate
6) Molybdenum tube
7) Molybdenum standard parts
8) Molybdenum alloys (Mo/La, Mo/W)

We also supply customer-made molybdenum products upon your request.