Sell MoPao1000 Grinder Polisher

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MoPao1000 Grinder Polisher
Rotate speed display in Digital

Force and sampling time changeable

Polishing disk with two steps stationary speed and stepless speed control

Polishing principal axis with stepless speed changed

With nice and utilitarian glass fiber crust and stainless steel current pieces, rustless forever

Quick change polishing disk design, variable specimen holder

Central force

Large volume abrasives automatically dispensing system

Preparing for 6 samples simultaneously

With one-key restore program function

Technique guide

Speed of polishing disc: 0-600rpm(stepless speed change) or 150rpm 300rpm
(two steps stationary speed)

Force arranges: 1-200N

Sampling time: 0-999S

Max. diameter of sample: 30mm

Diameter of polishing disk: 250mm

Voltage: 220v 50Hz

Dimension: 660*380*640mm

Net. Weight: 45kg

Main accessories: both of inflow and outflow water pipes, 2 pieces of quick changepolishing disk, 1 flattener