Sell Mobile High Frequency X-ray(COT-032)

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Introduction Features:

Microprocessor control, easy operation and maintenance.
Large tolerance of unsuitable voltage or high internal resistance environment.
High Frequency conversion technology, improve the image quality, shorten the exposure time, reduce the harmful to body.
Auto. Capacity protection of X-ray tube.
Easy move and can perform examination of any position.

Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 220V110% 50Hz11Hz
Inner resistance: <=1.0(Ohms)
Output: 1.6kW (tube capacity 2kW)
Waveform: D. C. pulse
Converter frequency: 10kHz
X-ray tube: Stationary anode 2.3mm
kV: 40~90kV
mAs: 5~160mAs
kV precision: <=10%
mAs precision: <=1(10%+0.2mAs)
Vertical movement: 1380mm
X-axis rotation: 1900
Y-axis rotation: +900 ~ -250
Volume: 1300W780W1350mm
Weight: 80kg15kg