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It has another name called Hand-Rotating Generating Flashlight

1. Unique design and exceptional quality,10 years life under normal use. With four different connectors it can charge a variety of different phones. (Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia)

2. Embedded Li-ion battery. It can generate electricity by rotating the crank of torch. Unnecessary to replace the battery throughout its life, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

3. It uses high bright LED lamp, which can save energy and unnecessarily to replace.

4. By rotating the hand crank for 2-4 minutes it can provide over an hour light from the three LED lights or produce enough power for 10 minutes of talk-time on a mobile phone or more than one hour stand-by time.

5. Immediately, it can charge mobile phone, MP3, digital camera and walkman just by changing connectors. It is the ideal companion for cars, exploration, voyage and indoors or outdoors activities and business trip.

6. Colors available:Red, Pearl-white, Silver, Yellow, Blue, Black.

7. Total weight:248g(fully packed)

Direction for use:

1. Turn on the hand crank and rotate it clock-wise or counter-clockwise for three minutes so as to provide illumination and charge electrical products immediately.

2. Open the rubber cushion at the end of torch so as to match various kinds of digital products to charge.
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Multiple Mobile Phone Charger
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