Sell Mobile Phone Handsfree Earphone 6610

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Earplug Earphones

Designed with handsfree switch

Be applicable with different models of mobile phones, telephones and interphones

External Diameter of speaker: &513MM


Frequence Range#:20HZ-20KHZ

Delication intensity#:105dB!@5 dB

Max. Input Power#:10mW

Microphone#:capacitance pattern Microphone

Delication intensity #:-38dB!@3 dB#(0 dB=1V/Pa#)/-58 dB!@3 dB#(0 dB=1V/5Bar#)
- Can be made in various colors
- Can be made per parameter as customer!/s requirements
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FOB Shen Zhen
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labor and materials 90 days