Sell Mobile Phone Remote Control and Alarm

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GSM Based Gate Control and Electric Lock / Door Opener

Dealers Wanted!

Up to 250 users and 2 administrators.

Users simply dial a number to open gate / door.
Can be used in public and apartment buildings, at barriers, fenced truck gates, garage doors - operates any electric lock or gate.
Home usage  to open garage door or front door without a remote control.
Operator can be anywhere  call your neighbors to feed the cat while on vacation and dial the door open for them.
With 5 inputs and one output it doubles as a sophisticated alarm system. The following sensors are available:
 Motion sensor
 Smoke / Temperature detector
 Glass shatter detector
 Others may be used also
 Exterior ALARM available - activated via output port
 Operator can receive SMS when a condition is triggered

Administrators can add / remove users using their mobile phone to program the device!

The cost savings by comparison to alarm subscription, ID card systems or remote control systems is substantial.

Device comes with blank label area so you can brand it with your company name.
Brand Name
Option Quest
Supply Capacity
50 units per month
Condition of Goods
96 x 65 x 26 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
12 v 1-2 Amps DC
Terms of Payment
T/T or Online Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB New York