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This Wireless Signal Detector has been designed with R. F wireless broad frequency detecting. It can effectively prevent one from being peeped or tapped or call in prohibited place.

As we know, there usually have so many invisible vidicon in public place, hotel. Evil person always uses it to do evil thing to invasion of someone's privacy. We develop the special detector according to a great demand in everywhere. Our detector can be effective to find out the wireless vidicon or bug planted. Its working distance is radius10 meter.

Main Applications :

1. For a safety meeting like business negotiation and contract signing; .
2. Used for checking if there is a pin-hole video camera in hotel, restaurant, public toilet and change room, swimming pool, etc.
3. As a security means for military organ and governmental bodies.

Application Instructions:

1. Press the switch while detecting, Green light indicates normal power source is on, The firs flash of red light means the completion of self-check of the device itself.
2. Keep pressing the switch and move left and right and around while checking. When the red light glistens, that means there is secret device installed nearby.
3. The Brighter of the red light, the more intensive frequency exists, which means the secret device is very close to you.
4. In order to determine the exact location, shorten the antenna, by doing so, it can reduce the detecting range and finally find out the " Secret"

Main Specifications:

1. Detecting frequency range: 100-3GHZ.
2. Working range: 0-10 meters.
3. Working Voltage: 12v (Built-in power source)
4. Dimension: 68*48*18mm


1. The detector hasn't any badly effect for health of user.
2. The detector won't interfere the natural working of any other detector & mobile phone.
3. When some one is talking by mobile phone or interphone, we suggest you don't use detector for a while.
4 It isn't sure there must have dubious signal neighborhood when the red led is flashing. You should shorten the antenna to confirm whether there has wireless vidicon & bug or not. PLS ref. Step 3 as above mentioned.
5. There needn't change the battery frequently. The battery can be used around 1 to 2 years. The battery size is CR23A, Voltage: 12V
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