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Wanted: Oversea Agents

Mobil Telephone Signal Shield

I Function of the Product

Most of the bombs used by the terrorists in the world are set off by mobile telephone. Beause it is not difficult for them to connect the priming with the ringer of the mobilephone.

Mobile telephone signal shield is able to prevent mobilephone-bomb from exploding because it can shield mobilephone signal around itself (radius 10-150m) . If a mobilephone-bomb is in the area which is controlled by a mobile telephone signal shield, it will not explode.

II Principal

Mobilephone signal shield sends a certain type of signal whose frequency is the same as the signal sent by the telecommunication base stations. Therefore, the mobilephone can not accept the signal. Shield is not harmful to human body, the base station, and other electronic equipments due to its faint power.

III Appliance

The Public: Mosque Restaurant Bar Shop Market Supermarket Bus Bus station Subway Ship Club Hotel Depositary

Family: Car (changing power source)

House (when there is something strange near the house such as a car )

Workplace: Warehouse Post office Dock Checkroom Lorry

Besides those , shield can be used in following fields:

Some places which need quietness, eg: meeting-room, mosque, cinema, library, etc. Some places where secrecy is very important, eg: army, prison, police system, etc.

V Merits of Products

a) After turning on the power(including remote controller) , the mobilephone which is in the area (radius 10-150m) can not receive signal. After turning off the shield, mobilephone can be used again.

b) Small size (about telephone's size) and light weight(2 Kg) . It can be put on the table , wall, ceiling or in the car etc. And shielding radius may be controlled.

c) All of mobilephone frequency bands are covered. (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS)

Ⅵ Oversea Agents Wanted

Any agent in Middle-East or other areas where there are threats from terrorists is wanted. OEM can be offered.

Ⅶ Package

QTY: 5 PCS N. W: 10 KG G. W: 12 KG MEAS: 37*26*41CM

Ⅷ Catalog


Average Output Power
Channel Output Power

35dBm (3W)
10dBm/100KHz (min)

35dBm (3W)
5dBm/100KHz (min)

33dBm (2w)
2dBm/100KHz (min)


or CDMA1900

or 1975-1980MHz
33dBm (2w)
2dBm/100KHz (min)

Power: 10w Power Source: AC220V 50Hz or DC5V

Shielding Radius: (20-50) m@-75dBm Meas: 210*50*170mm