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Mobiel fuel station
I. Brief Introduction
AMPUTE Mobile Filling Station series products (hereinafter as APT) possesses own intellectual property rights.
APT is a ground refueling device integrated explosion-proof oil storage tank, refueling machine, oil unloading system, oil vapor recovery system and fire safety control system in the whole body. It features economy, practicality, safety, explosion-proof, environmental protection, energy saving and removability. It is a hi-tech product with complete functions of small and middle filling stations.
The design, manufacture, installation and operation of APT conform to the regulations specified in GB50156-2002:Design and construction criterion of automobile gasoline/gas filling stationand AQ3002-2005: Technical requirements of explosion-proof gasoline/gas filling deviceand also utilize international relative advanced technology.
The explosion-proof oil storage tank of APT is a double-wall tank filled explosion prevention system. There are high and low liquid level alarm instrument, emergency relief valve, overflow protection valve, lightning protection and static resistant device, oil leakage detector, etc at oil storage tank. The refueling machine possesses various oiling modes and automatic oil-break protection valve under high temperature. APT adopts standardized and modularized design and makes it suitable for various oil supply environment and meet different demands of customers.
II. Functions
Oils storage: customer can store a specified volume of oils for supply turnover.
Oils filling: in design there are quantitative and valuing oils filling modes.
Oils measurement: may carry out oil unloading, oil loading, oils measuring display of oil reservoir.
Oils re-filling(chosen and configured by customer) : may be used for emergent oils distribution business.
Discharge residue oil in oil reservoir: may discharge residual liquid at closed condition at any time and guarantee the quality of oils.
III. Technical Characteristics
1. Safety and explosion protection: the double-wall oil reservoir is filled with explosion prevention system conformed to national standard. If there is accident like open fire, static electricity, detonation or lighting strike, explosion and casualties wont happen. Meanwhile it has automatic alarm & control system that can find abnormal condition in time and carry out emergency treatment.
2. Energy saving and emission reduction: the device has oil vapor recovery system that can restrain and reduce oils volatilization as well as reduce pollution to atmosphere environment.
3. Environmental protection: the device has oil leakage monitoring system. If there is oil vapor leakage, it will give an alarm, the pollution of soil and underground water source can be avoided.
4. Eliminate static electricity: during the period of oiling and oil unloading, the produced and accumulated static electricity can be eliminated in time and the production of spark can be avoided. It benefits safety in use.
5. Configure freely: according to the demands of customers, AMPUTE could make APT with different specifications and storing various oils and refueling machine with different functions.
6. Various appearances: the appearance can be designed individually in accordance with the physiognomy of working conditions and meet the demands of propaganda of enterprises.
7. Construct station in short time: the shortest time to build a station is one day, the longest is one week, with low running costs, funds invested could be quickly returned.
8. Cost effective: with low running costs and small floor space, it can be removed freely.
9. Convenient installation: APT can be hoisted integrally and be positioned in one time. The installation is trouble saving, simple and convenient.
10. Convenient clean & simple maintenance
IV. Application
AMPUTE mobile filling station could be applied to fixed or temporary field at urban central region, city and down community, airports, seaports, construction and freight yards, bus parking, expressway, exhibition center, countryside with a low density of traditional filling station, security forces(provision of fuel in crisis areas for the army and police) , in-house filling station and so on.
V. Product Category
APT can be divided into three kinds, i. e. one side automobile fuel filling station, double-side automobile fuel filling station and end automobile fuel filling station.
VI. Model Elements
D: 1 means 1set of refueling machine; 2 means 2sets of refueling machines.
C: Nominal volume of storage tank (liters)
B: I, II, III, IV means single oils, double oils, three oils and four oils.
A: S means single wall storage tank; D means double-wall storage tank
MFS means mobile filling station.
The type of device: APTMFS-D-II-30,000-2
Notes: APT Mobile Filling Station; double-wall storage tank; two type of oils; 30,000 liters; 2 sets of refueling machine.
VII. Components
Double-wall and double-cabin oil storage tank with explosion proof function
Sledding body
Refueling machine
Oil unloading pump
Level instrument(Safety Checking System)
Emergency pressure relief device
Power distribution equipment(Explosion proof)
Overflow resistant device
Automatic fire extinguisher
Emergency shutoff device
Pressure vent valves
Standard configuration
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
Terms of Payment
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