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Product Description: V-GSM mobile phone interception system: At present, the most powerful listener can simultaneously monitor and control the operation of 20 different road mobile,

The use of portable design, with the check with the use of easy to grasp the concerns of real-time mobile communication situation, at any place for the air to intercept the mobile handset,

Simply want to monitor the cell phone number can be entered into the system, the system 20 design, can be intercepted at the same time 20 different cell phone, real-time target of the scope of any given message, do not have any room or limited link

When monitoring the field of communications for the current high-tech products, the best weapon against criminals. Detailed data and operational data download: please contact staff of the company's business. Non-law enforcement officers and related staff will refuse to provide any relevant information!
Are the best so far, the most stable a feature can be used when the portable computer . . .
Product main functions: to road number 20 at the same time to monitor, control and operation (mobile, connectivity, PHS, CDMA. Sitting machine can be) , the global scope, not limited to the distance . . .
Eavesdropping on the mobile phone in case of standby or shutdown can also be heard all the voices around . . .
Call quality: there is no response, no noise, high-fidelity . . .
The other received information, the information you receive can also be at the same time.
Built-in electronic maps, can be traced to him from time to time the location, scope can be reduced to within 3 meters. .
Are the latest generation of monitoring products. . . .
There is quality problem within one month of retreat can be for. A three-year free repair . . .
CD-ROM will be called in with how you operate, you are assured of choice . . .
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