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Mobile phones
We have all kinds of Mobile phones. This time we display NOKIA3125 as the image product. The product has good quality, and the price is reasonable. The materials of the product are very good. The appearance is beautiful and delicate. You can listen very clear and feelthat the voice effect is very sound when you use them. They are also very convinent for use. The procedure is simple, the produce'figure is not complex. you can be used to use them a few time later. So they are the fitable tool for us. However, this kind of product is very popular in the global market now. The people who have used them gave nice feedback to us. Now, we supply the specification asbelow in detail,

Network frequency; CDMA1X;800MHz
Optional colour; brown, red, blue and others
Size/volume; 102W43W22mm/74cm3
Weight; 85 gram
Calling time; 228-336 minutes
If you have other questions, you can contact us, we will try our best to provide the more details abuot them. Thank you!
Brand Name
Available Colors
brown and others
Condition of Goods
Newor Used
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