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Products' performance:
7restrict the phone signal which is 40m-100m in diameter and 200m in long the from the launching pad.
7It only Jamms phone signal, doesn't influence other electric equipment, is harmless to human bodies.
7It's easily installed, normally, availability of power supply is OK.
7It saves energy , its power is 20W, 80W.
7Working frequency:860-960MHz.
7Working frequency band: CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900.
7Control scope: about diameter 40m, 100m.
The product is researched and developed independently by the technicians of our company. The patent number is 02247306.8. It can jam the micro-wave signal between mobile phone and its launching pad, thus it can effectively control military and national confidential information to be revealed by cell phone; it is also the effective means of avoiding interference by cell phone communication in the public places.
Using Locations: All kinds of confidential institutions, key military places, examination locations, gas stations, churches, courts, prisons, libraries, classrooms, meeting centers, theatres and hospitals etc.
1. Nation's confidential institutions and key military places, can prevent the State's and Military secret from being revealed.
2. Examination Locations, can avoid fire and eliminate the examinees to cheat by modern communication tools.
3. Gas Station, can avoid fires and explosion caused by micro-wave signal.
4. Churches, can eliminate noise of mobile phone signal to keep religious location dignified and solemn.
5. Courts, can keep the court solemn and holy.
6. Prisons, can prohibit the communication between prisoners and the outer.
7. Classrooms and Libraries, can keep quiet for reading studying.
8. Theatres, as the upper level amusement location, it can keep audiences' interesting of enjoying program to eliminate noise.
9. Hospital, can avoid harm to people's health and medical equipment troubles caused by using cell phone.

Technical Functions
Basic functions
7slowed starting function
After the jammer is electrified, working power supply rises from 0to stability within 4 seconds.
7Jamming function
After starting is finished, the mobile phone will be jammed with 60 seconds.
Basic performance
Frequency launching scope
1) 860+0-5 960+5-0 MHz.
2) 1800+0-20 1990+20-20 MHz.
Launching power
1) 3512dbm.
2) 3212dbm.
Environmental temperature
Working frequency band: CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900,
Control scope: about 40m, 100m

Interruption to other equipment
It is known that the current phone signal is here and there, all electric equipment is surrounded by it . The surrounded phone signal can't almost interrupt other electric equipment when the phone is switched off, because the power off phone disconnects with the launching pad, no signal is produced, the electric equipment is surrounded by a relatively stable electro magnetic field -a static field, such a static field almost disinterrupt the equipment , while when the mobile phone is on, the phone connects with the launching pad, and signal is produced, a dynamic field surround the equipment, this dynamic electromagnetic signal may produce interrupting signals causing the equipment disorderly.
Undoubtedly fence shaped signal produced by the jammer is an electromagnetic signal, and this sort of signal never communicate, with other equipment, never makes suddenly changed signals. In other words, this signal is always static using the phone signal jammer will change the suddenly changed signals to net-actively static signal, therefore basically solve the phone's interruption to other electric equipment.
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