Sell Model  LBY-02IPC  Rheometer

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The equipment is devised by Bingham theory and refractory material, and tests by Tattersall method. Its measuring by the planetary stirred method of rotation stirrer and revolution feed barrel. Its also calculated by the Tattersall deuce method. The part of control system is a fine capability Single Chip Micyoco(SCM) system, the automatization level of which is very excellent. It can automatically accomplish testing, displaying, computing, printing and registering by industrial PC. The equipment looks beautiful, has a higher precision and steady capability.

specification LBY-02IPC
Max. cubage 6000g
Max. torsion 20Nm
rotation speed of stirrer 0~100,0~200,0~300,0~400r/min
rotation speed of feed barrel 0~36r/min
size of feed barrel 200W180(5L)
power 1kW
power supply 380V 10A 50Hz
figure dimension 800W1200W1500mm
weight 200kg