Sell Model 671: Brake Pressure Sensor

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Model 671: Brake Pressure Sensor

0 to 174 psig; 0 to 1.2MPa; 0 to 12 bar
1.5%FS Total Accuracy
MEMS technology
Programmable ASIC to meet customer specifications
Low part count enhances reliability
Amplified and temperature compensated
EMI protection

Model 671 incorporates MEMS technology and custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology in the design. It is specifically designed for tough automotive application.
Based on the piezo resistive principle two pressure sensor elements transform two system pressures into electrical output signals proportionally to the pressure.
Model 671 is designed to perform in the underhood harsh environment such as temperature extremes, vibration, thermal and mechanical shock, and corrosive chemical. Please contact us for special design to meet your requirements.