Sell Model CSL-02IPC Reheating Test Furnace

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The equipment is widely used for heating in metallurgy, building material, chemical and so on. Its especially applied to test linear changes of refractory products in every kind of ambience.
2 execution standard
The equipment is made by the standard of GB 5988-86Dense shaped refractory productsTest method of linear changes on reheating. The furnace is made of senior refractories, and can easily achieve good saving energy source effect. It is controlled by industrial PC, has friendly interface, operates very handily, may artificially be set rising temperature curve, and can automatically accomplish rising and soaking temperature, printing, and automatically adjusting working.

Specification CSL-02IPC
working temperature 16500
Max. temperature 17000
hearth size 530W240W210mm
heating-up rate 0~150/min
temperature accuracy in soaking 120
transformer power 25kVA
power supply 380V 100A 50Hz & 220V 5A 50Hz
dimension Furnace0.9W1.3W1.7 controller 0.55W0.55W1.6m
weight 1000kg