Sell Model GFS Series High Effective Grinder

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This machine adopts the principle of mixing and spraying powder to design and manufacture. It has wide application and is wide used for pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, chemical industry and so on.

The structure of machine is simple . The assembling and clean of machine are clean of machine are very convenient. All parts that will contact with raw materials inside the chamber are made of stainless steel. So it can withstand acidic erode. The quality of crushed raw material is in conformity with the requirement of health. This machine has many advantages such as the movement of machine is very convenient and its operation is smooth and its noise is low and its crushed effect is good and its consumption is low.


This machine is high-speed operative machinery. Being adapted the knives where one side knife-edge is sharp and the other is re impact. The raw material can be crushed through cutting knives. Different knives can be chose in accordance with different raw materials. Different size can be got through exchanging different sieve.
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Model GFS