Sell Model GMP Oven For Medicine Use

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1. The heat source used for heating has steam, electricity, both steam and electricity three ways.

2. Operation temperature:steam, 50-140oC; Max.150oC; electricity, 50-350oC. The temperature can be controlled automatically. Moreover it can be recorded through recorder.
3. The inner wall of oven body is welded. Every place of transition adapts circular arc and no dead angle.
4. The seal property of whole machine is good. Being adapted unique guide rail seal apparatus. The seal property can be guaranteed.
5. The air inlet is equipped with high effective air filter and the damp exhaust outlet is equipped with middle effective air filter.
6. The double doors of oven adapt mechanical interlock apparatus.
7. All parts inside the oven can be assembled and disassembled quickly in order to clean conveniently.
8. The control system has text display and touch screen for your choice.
9. The whole machine is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.
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