Sell Model RGTB100I Fully Auto Labeling machine

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Designed and manufactured according to the international standard regarding technological requirements for auto labeling machines, the model RGTB100I is stable in operation and reliable in quality. The world-advanced computer touch screen control system is adopted to make operation simple and easy.
The machine is adaptable to different bottles with the carrier chain put on the right side, widely used in the trades of foodstuffs, pharmaceutics and daily chemicals, and chemical industry for labeling plastic bottles in various specifications. It is an ideal machine in place of manual labeling and suitable for mass production.

 Integrated electromechanical technology and an advanced photoelectric control device adopted
 The machine operation process is controlled by the world-
advanced computer touch screen.
 Stepless adjustment of productive capacity can be made according to the specifications and features of bottles and labels.
 With liquid crystal display and operation by touch screen, the operation is visualized.
 Labeling quantity can be set as desired and counting carried out automatically, which makes output calculation easy.
 Simple construction, easy operation, personalized design and attractive appearance.

Technical parameters:
Labeling range: 20mm - 100mm
Productive capacity: 60  140Bottles/min.
Label reel specifications: ID of label reel core: 76mm
Max. OD of label reel core: 300mm
Label paper specification: Width: 25mm - 90mm
Bottle specifications: Dia. : 20mm - 100mm
Height: 30mm - 150mm
Power supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz
Power: 250W
External dimensions: 1820 mmW1100 mmW1200 mm
Weight: 200kg