Sell Model YQZT-80 Automatic Paper Bucket Machine

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Model YQZT-80 Automatic Paper Bucket Machine
YQZT-80 Automatic Paper Bucket Machine is a machine designed to making biggest paper cups(from 60oz to 200 oz) which can not manufactured on the YQZW-50 bowl(bigger cups) making machine. Please visit our web to kown more information.

YQZT-80 Automatic paper bucket making machine is also a type of multiple stations automatic mechanical equipment, it is used to produce one-side PE coated paper buckets(biggest paper cups) .
YQZT-80 type paper bucket forming machine is an ideal production equipment for the larger capaciity and biggest dia cases for some special use.
Note: If you want to make two-side (double) PE coated paper buckets, we recommend you use the YQZT-80A double-sheet ultrasonic paper bucket making machine.
Main specifications:
Micro-controlled transducer,
Step-less speed adjustment,
Automatic control adopts optically controlled non contact switch ,
Automatic Bucket-fan-wall body feeding, sealing.
Automatic Bucket bottom feeding, punching, edge curling, knurling,
Automatic bucket top edge curling,
Automatic buckets counter ,
Other specifications:
Paper buckets body side sealing by heater,
Paper buckets bottom sealing by hot air station,
Full automatic,
Easy change molds produce different bowls(demand the cups with the same bottom diameter, the same coning) ,
Easy operating by operator,
Easy maintenance with minimum cost ,
Cheap operating cost and low investment ,
Additional equipments needed for this bucket machine. (air compressor)
Note: We can manufacture special sizes of paper cup making machines according to customers' specifications of paper cups.
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60~~200 OZ
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