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Modern Communication Principle and Technology Experimental System You May Also Be Interested In: crystal oscillation main courses ohms low pam
It provides experimental exercises covering main courses of communication engineering, with features of intergrading theory with practice. All the interfaces of each module are the same for easy connection, with technology of surface mounting and copper covered.

1. Module 1: Analog multiplier amplitude modulation/ high-frequency power amplify and transmission
2. Module 2: Analog multiplier synchronous detection/crystal diode demodulation
3. Module 3: PLL frequency modulation/varactor frequency demodulation
4. Module 4: PLL frequency demodulation/ product phase detection
5. Module 5: LC and crystal oscillation (local oscillator) / double frequency conversion and detection
6. Module 6: Integrated multiplier mixing/ triode mixing
7. Module 7: Phase detection of discrete devices/ receiving and small signal tuning amplifying
8. Module 8: Digital signal generation
9. Module 9: FSK digital frequency demodulation/ PSK modulation
10. Module 10: FSK digital frequency demodulation/ PSK demodulation
11. Module 11: PAM two-channel sampling pulse generation/ sampling theorem and pulse AM
12. Module 12: PAM analog transmission line/ PAM pulse amplitude demodulation
13. Module 13: CVSD delta modulation and coding/ CVSD delta modulation and decoding
14. Module 14: PLL frequency synthesizer/ digital PLL synchronous signal extraction
15. Module 15: AMI/HDB3 codec/ PCM codec
16. Module 16: Digit synchronous technology (bit synchronization) / function signal generation
17. Module 17: Digital time division multiplexing/ Digital time division demultiplexing
18. Module 18: Cyclic code codec/ Convolution codec
19. Module 19: (7, 4) Hamming coding/(7, 4) Hamming code transmission/(7, 4) Hamming code decoding
20. Module 20: QPSK modulation/interleaved codec
21. Module 21: Manchester codec/CMI codec

Lab Exercise supported
1. LC and crystal oscillation (local oscillator)
2. Analog multiplier amplitude modulation
3. Analog multiplier synchronous detection
4. varactor frequency demodulation
5. PLL frequency modulation
6. Phase detection of discrete devices
7. Product phase detection
8. PLL frequency demodulation
9. High-frequency power amplify and transmission
10. Receiving and small signal tuning amplifying
11. Integrated multiplier mixing
12. triode mixing
13. Double frequency conversion and detection
14. Crystal diode demodulation
15. Function signal generation
16. Digital signal generation
17. PAM two-channel sampling pulse generation
18. Sampling theorem and pulse AM
19. PAM analog transmission line
20. PAM pulse amplitude demodulation
21. PCM codec
22. Digital multi-channel transmission
23. CVSD delta modulation and coding
24. CVSD delta modulation and decoding
25. (7, 4) Hamming coding
26. Cyclic code codec
27. Convolution codec
28. interleaved codec
29. AMI/HDB3 codec
30. CMI codec
31. Manchester codec
32. Digital PLL synchronous signal extraction
33. PLL frequency synthesizer
34. FSK modulation
35. FSK demodulation
36. PSK modulation
37. PSK demodulation
38. Digit synchronous technology (bit synchronization)
39. QPSK modulation
40. Synthetic exercises
Frequency meter
1. Frequency measurement range: 20Hz~99MHz
2. Input level: 100mV~5V
3. Error: 5W10-511 digit
4. Input impedance: 1M(Ohms)/40p F
High-frequency signal source 1. Output frequency range: 400kHz~45MHz (continuously adjust)
2. Frequency stability: 10E-4
3. Output waveform: sine wave
4. Output amplitude: 1Vp-p (continuously adjust)
5. Output impedance: 75(Ohms)
Low-frequency signal source
1. Output frequency range: 200Hz~20kHz (continuously adjust)
2. Frequency stability: 10E-4
3. Output waveform: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave
4. Output amplitude: 5Vp-p (continuously adjust)
5. Output impedance: 100(Ohms)
25M digital two-channel oscilloscope
1. Single-color liquid crystal display, 20MHz, two-channel
2. Real-time sample rate: 250 MSa/s, equivalent sample rate: 50 GSa/s2, 1000 times of waveform capture in one second
3. Digital filtering and waveform recording
4. Measurement: manual, tracing and automatic.0
5. 10 sets of waveform: setting, store and replay.
6. Waveform calculation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so on.
7. Trigger: edge, video frequency, pulse width, delay, etc.
8. Build-in FFT analysis function
9. Auto correction
300M frequency sweeper
1. 1~300MHz, sweep mode: full range, narrow range, dot frequency.
2. Output >=0.5Vrms (75(Ohms))
3. Unflatness: <=7%
2. 7-inch display
3. Attenuation control button with LED indication
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