Sell Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter With Charger 600W(SPA600)

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1) Input protections: Polarity reverse / Over and under voltage / Low battery Alarm and shut down
2) Output protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over temperature
3) Charge power/public power and inverter/protection, intelligent LED indication
4) Input and output fully isolation
5) Low power consumption(standby)
6) Inverter and public power intelligently switch, load can properly work without switch
7) LVD meet EN60950 and E8 mark
8) EMC meet EN61000-6-1-3, EN55022

Auto re-start function:
When the inverter shuts off once it being in protection, it is not necessary to press the switch (on/off) , just moving the high loads, the inverter can restart automatically. So there is no need to place the spare fuse. This product is built with UPS auto conversion: when the main power is shut off, the unit can be changed automatically to supply the power by inverter, but after the main power resume, the inverter stop work automatically, and get into the state chargin for battery.

- Model: SPA600
- Weight: 2600g
- Dimension/CTN. /Pcs: 6636.536.5cm / 9pcs
- Max. continuous output power: 600W
- Surge capability peak output power: 1200W
- DC input static current (no load) : <=0.8AMP
- AC output wave form: Modified Sine wave
- Normal input voltage range: 11-15V / 21-30V
- High voltage cut off level: 15V / 30V
- Low voltage alarm: 10.6V0.3V(DC12V) / 20.5V0.5V(DC24V)
- Low voltage cut off level: 9.5V0.5V(DC12V) / 19.5V0.5V(DC24V)
- Output AC voltage: AC 115V5% RMS / AC 230V5% RMS
- Output frequency level: 60HZ1Hz / 50HZ
- Overload power range: 600W, 5-30%
- Hi-pot test: PRI/sec, 1500V/AC 5mA/60s
- Temperature protection: 65
- Full load max. optimum efficiency: 90%
- AC output short circuit protection: system shut down (no damage)
- Fan run: Working with load
- Fault warning: alarm beep
- LED indicator:
a) Normal: green
b) Fault: red green
- Fuse (spade type) : 40A2pcs
- Dimensions (LWH) : 27517677mm
- Environmental condition:
a) Operating temperature: -545
b) Operating relative humidity: 10-90% RH
c) Storage temperature: -1050
d) Storage relative humidity: 10-95% RH

Charger Part:
Charger Current: 10A (constant current)
Input voltage range: AC115V / AC230V 10%
Input charger power Fuse: 10A

LED indicator:
a) green:public power /charge
b) Red :Fully charge
charge ON/OFF switch
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