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Modified starch is made fron natural corn starch whose attribute is changed in physical, chemical or enzyme reactoins and is widely used in papermaking, textile, foodstaff, construction material and other industries.
At present we can produce many different kinds modiifed starch according to the clients' specification and sample such as Oxidized starch(Surface adhensive for papermarking) (ZZ-1) , Acetyl oxidized starch(Coating adhensive for papermaking) (zZ-2) , Quaternary amines cationic starch (Intensifier in slurry used in papermaking) (ZZ-5) , ZZ-3, ZZ-4, ZZ-7, ZZ-16, FZ-1 and so on.

1. Food processing industry: Starch is used for dishes (e. g. vermicelli) , meat products, beer, gourmet powder. In the food processing industry starch act as foodstuff additive in some fields such as butter, cheese, salad oil and pudding, and also act as reformative function in various vegetable and grilled goods.

2. Medicine industry: Starch can be used in producing antibiotics and vitamin and improved their appeal such as mastication, multilayer, slow release and theca becoming, also can act as a excipient and plasma substitute, also can ship alive numerator as a medicament carrier.

3. Paper-making industry:As adhesive for papermaking to improve the character and intensity of the paper. Its structure is similiar with that of the paper fibre, if it is affiliated, the retaining rate of the paper fibre, dyestuff and other additive, can be enhanced, which will enhance the intensity, equality and printing capability of the paper. So that it can be also used for waterish additive and surface adhesive.

4. Textile industry:Used in organzine yarn can improve its textile capability, enhance the composition of forces existing between the single silk, which will enhance its wearable capability. IF used in printing mash can determine the running capability of the printing, the surface color quantity of the dyestuff and the shining degree of the anthotaxy figure.

5. Petroleum industry:In mud of the wildcat, the starch be used to make it have the capability of suice. Starch is also used in the mending cement to the wall of the wildcat. Starch also has other usage such as liquid of artesian well, remediation for the soil polluted by oil and brine.

6. Fine chemical:Starch is used in toilery such as skin opsonin , cream , hair dye and depilatory. In addition, it is also widely used in various of industries such as dcour, cleanser, dentifrice, dope, material for construction, the things used for managing in metal surface , plastic , rubber , lether and tyre rubber.
The three main modified starch is oxidized starch, cationic starch and acetyl starch.

Quality indexZZ1-
appearance white powder
moisture <=14%
whiteness >=90
finess >=99% , pass 100mesh
viscosity (6% 95 1h) 2-20 cp
PH 6.5-7.5

2. Specification Index OF CATIONIC STARCH
appearance white powder
moisture <=14%
whiteness >=90
finess >=99% (pass 100mesh)
replacing degree 0.025-0.045
viscosity 1000-2000CP
PH 5-8

Xingmao Brand ZZ-2 Coating adhesive for papermaking
Specification Index
appearance white powder
moisture <=14%
whiteness >=90
finess >=99% (pass 100mesh)
viscosity 1000-2000mpa. s(30% pasting fluid)
Supply Capacity
50000 Metric Ton / Year
Minimum Order Quantity
18 Metric Ton
Terms of Payment