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High-frequency paper moisture tester is the high-performance and digital meter for testing moisture, which is firstly introduced to China from foreign countries. The meter uses high-frequency principle. It integrates sensor and mainframe with figure display and has six stalls to test the moisture of various papers, cardboard, corrugated paper and carton.

The meter has many advantages, such as large testing range, high accuracy, and small dimension, light and portable for spot testing. It is the ideal instrument in the production process.

Technical data

1. Testing range: 0%~40%
2. Working ambient: -50C~+600C
3. Display: 31/2 LCD display
4. Accuracy: 10.5%
5. Dimension: 160(H) W60(W) W27(D) mm
6. Power: 9V battery(6F22)
7. Weight: 0.2kg
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