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IG-05I molecular sieve, our core product, is specifically engineered based on IG's application characteristics. It is made from zeolite powder, with the solid binder. It could deeply co-adsorb the resident moisture and organics confined in Insulating Glass. Since its adsorption capacity for Nitrogen and Oxygen is very small. It's a deal specialized desiccant for IG.
Technical Index:
Item Unit Standards
Sphere size mm 0.5~0.8 1.0~1.6 1.7~2.0
Wear ratio % <=0.2% <=0.2% <=0.2%
Bulk density g/ml >=0.75 >=0.68 >=0.68
Size ratio % >=98% >=98% >=98%
Static adsorption % >=21.5 >=21.5 >=21.5
H2O adsorptive speed mg/(gmin) <=0.40 <=0.40 <=0.40
Crush strength N/P >5.5 >15 . >21
Nitrogen adsorption mg/g <=2.0 <=2.0 <=2.0
Packing moisture % <=1.5 <=1.5 <=1.5
Dew point 0 <=-60 <=-60 <=-60
Adsorption temperature increase (25g/25ml H2O ) 0 >=40 >=40 >=40
Organic adsorption Y Y Y
IG-05I Molecular sieve can co-adsorb the remaining moisture and organics confined in IG and keep the IG clear and transparent even at very low temperature. Thus it resolves the problems that common insulating glass desiccant cause IG distortion and fracture by IG inflation and shrink, and expanded the work-span of IG windows.
The molecular sieve should be stored at room temperature while the relative humidity should not exceed 90%. It cannot be exposed to air directly. Keep away from water, acid and alkali.
25kg compound plastic bag in a carbon carton
Advantages of IG-05I product:
1. Higher moisture adsorption capacity at normal temperature (- 400~400) compared with other products.
2. Higher intensity compared with other molecular sieve. Its convenient for pour loading.
3. Large stack density, high temperature promoting and high water adsorption capacity
4. Low nitrogen adsorption capacity.
5 The ingredient of LBIG-051 molecular sieve contains the mineral, which can adsorb organo-macromolecule released by sealant and thiokol latex, avoiding chemical fog.
Prospect Outlook:
The Insulated glass is one of the excellent energy-saving product. Today due to energy shortage, great attention has been paid to the development and the use of Insulating glass. It has been widely spread, promoted and applied in the Europe and America while in our country its application is just at the initial stage. We will continue to work with our peer and make our due effort to develop the better IG and accelerate its application.
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