Sell Molybdenum plates

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◇ Molybdenum plate, Molybdenum sheet, Molybdenum foil. Molybdenum plates, Molybdenum sheets, Molybdenum sheets, Molybdenum foils.
◇ Specification: (0.1-20) x (20-600) x Lmm, L<=2000mm. Molybdenum plate, Molybdenum sheet, Molybdenum plate, Molybdenum foil.
◇ Silver gray or gray metallic luster. Density >= 9.6g/ cm3. Molybdenum plates, sell Molybdenum plates, afford Molybdenum plates.
◇ Used for processing material of molybdenum disks, sheets and foils, etc. Molybdenum sheet, sell Molybdenum sheet, afford Molybdenum sheet.
◇ Package:
1) In dry wooden box of 1.0kg net each wrapped with paper, plastic bag and carton.

2) In wooden box of 7.0kg net each firmed with blown molding foam.

◇ 30kg weight Max. each box. Moly (Mo) plates, Moly (Mo) sheets, Moly (Mo) sheets, Moly (Mo) foils, Moly sheet, Moly sheets, sell Moly sheet.
◇ Your requests available. Moly (Mo) plate, Moly (Mo) sheet, Moly (Mo) sheet, Moly (Mo) foil, Moly plates, Moly plate, sell Moly plate.