Sell Molybdenum stretch

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Apperance:Dark brown, silver gray metallic luster if washed by the alkali; producted according to width and thickness that users offer; the surface is smooth, leves. and has no defects such as double skin, divide layer, crackie, splitting, The product whose thickness is more than 0.7mm is supplied with the hot-rolled state; the prosuct whose thickness is less than0.7mm is supplied sith the cold-rolled or cleaning surface state
Purity:Pure molybdenum Mo>=99.93% alloy Mo>=99.10%
Density: >=10.10g/cm3
Dimension: supplied according to the needs of used: (1.0-25) W(80-480) WL L<=2000mm(unit weight is less than 40kg)
and thin alice (0.3-1) W(50-550) WL(mm) Thickness, width and lenght deviation are produced according to the GB3876-83standard.
Special specificiation can be decided through the Consultation by both Parties.
Main applications:This product is suitable for light, electric vacuum device, glass fiber kiln heating element, heat shield/thermosreen, and molybdenum boat, etc

The impurity content accords with GB3876-83.