Sell Monatomic Copper Isotope Powder 99.993% Pure

Monatomic Copper Isotope Powder 99.993% Pure You May Also Be Interested In: aluminum bars copper isotope copper isotope powder copper powder isotope
Place of Origin: Russian Federation

Brief Description: Evaluated @ USD $5,350 (five thousand three hundred fifty) per one gram. We discount it to $3500 per gram

Examination Determined As Follows:

Ultra-thin (monatomic) copper powder with an average size of particles <7.7 micrometres, 99.993% chemical purity, in glass ampoules, stabilized in the medium of inert gas

Chemical Composition: Copper - a minimum of 99.993% - Impurities of metals - a maximum of 0.007%

Copper Powder (Cu) : tire-explosion safe, non-toxic, can be carried by any mode of transport, does not contain precious metals

Level of thickness of exposed dose of external gamma radiation on the surfaces of flasks with copper powder does not exceed the allowed one

Isotopes Contents:

isotope measured

Cu 63 69.09 + -0.05
Cu 65 30.91 + -0.03


Satellites - can be sprayed on circuitboards - microns thick - can be molded

Can provide any amount in different grades - Bars, Powder, Sheets, etc.

Gold, Platinum, Aluminum Bars and Ingots available - but, priority on the Copper first

FOB Price: $3,500/gram USD
Min. Order Quantity: 1,000 Kilogram
Production Capacity: Unlimited We can ship ANY amount
Packaging Details: Glass Ampoules


We are prepared to sell Copper isotopic powder immediately at an asking price of $3,500 USD per gram under the following procedures:

Irrevocable Purchase Order for the desired quantity.

Irrevocable letter of credit from a AA or better rated European bank acceptable to Seller.
Letter of credit must be divisible, transferable and renewable with rollovers and extensions. Letter of credit must be reconfirmed before the transaction occurs.

Certificate of analysis from IGAS GmBH or Fresenius will be provided for Buyers review.
Delivery will be at a free trade zone in Germany or Switzerland and Buyer will be responsible for moving goods at Buyers expense.

Proceeds will be payable on sight against documents to Sellers designated Bank. Documents will consist of appropriate safekeeping receipts and certificates of analysis.

Buyer will show capabilities via Bank letter or through a pre-advice letter of credit sent to Sellers Bank.

There is approximately 10,000kg available immediately and another 10,000kg available within one week. We are also prepared to enter into a long term supply contract for 3,000kg to 5,000kg per week under the same price and terms.
Supply Capacity
3,000kg to 5,000kg per week
7.7 micrometres
Minimum Order Quantity
1,000 kg