Sell Monitoring & Photo-taking Recorder

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Monitoring & Photo-taking Recorder
Main Functions:
1. In-time monitoring: it has one-way video input, which connects TV or monitor; One-way video output; Can change to 2-way monitoring as well.
2. Video replay: it will automatically take 12 pictures whenever there is intrusion within the alarmed area; this function can be used as monitoring when in disalarmed situation; Press "Video" button, it will take 1 static picture; Press "Replay" button, it can redisplay stored pictures according to the date and time.
3. Movement detection: it takes advantage of effective camera detective area; auto on the spot photo-taking; no error; dramatically improve video monitoring alarm system technology in safety and security protection. Quick response, effectively crime prevention
4. UPS power supply: Non-stop UPS power supply. Once power is off, main alarm system can still work normally. The stored pictures will not missed. Highly safe!
Brand Name
Monitoring &26 Photo-taking Record
Available Colors
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150mm X 90mm X 30mm
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