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Three-phase relays are adapted for the protection of three-phase receivers against abnormal variations in the mains voltage, against phase failure and phase imbalance, phase coincidence and incorrect phase sequence. They are efficiently applicable for the protection of refrigerating and air-conditioning devices, compressor plants and other equipment with an electric motor load. They are also used in the devices that call for continuous monitoring of mains voltage existence, quality and all-the phases-presence, e. g. in the automatic throw-over circuit-breakers.
Hysteresis is about 5V in all the relays. The operational capability range is 30 -150% of the nominal voltage. Deep undervoltage (when one or more phase voltage value drops 30 V below the user-preset minimum voltage threshold) and/or abrupt overvoltage (when one or more phase voltage 30V exceeds the user-preset maximum voltage threshold) entail the automatic accelerated relay tripping. The relay will reset automatically activating a load with user-set time delay on return to normal operating conditions when voltage values regenerated, reaching the level set by hysteresis. The relays are compact, rugged and have a small weight. All the relays are mounted on the standard DIN rail.
Self-powered by the three-phase voltage.
Allows voltage signal to be digitized.
The relay calls for no additional adjustment by user because adjustable trip parameters and fixed trip parameters are quite accurate set and independent on environment factors.
An accurate voltage adjustment over a wide range.
The relay with another adjustable trip settings range and fixed trip setting values can be supplied at customer's request.
Trip delay removal for deep undervoltage when preset Umin -- U> 30 V.
0.02 sec trip acceleration when there is abrupt stepping-up of a voltage over 60% of nominal value.
Magnetic starter coil power curcuit and power curcuits are conductively isolated.
Switching life is no less than 100000 operations.
Three phase voltage indication and "alarm tripping" indication are available.
Hysteresis is approximately 6-8 V of trip/reset Umax/Umin.
The relay ensures safe operation when voltage range is 30-150% of a nominal voltage and also when at least one phase is present .
Mounted on a standard DIN rail.
The relay is compact and has a small weight.

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as per reqiurement
Available Colors
52 x 65 x 90 mm
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30 days
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100 pcs
Power Requirements
380 volts / 50 Hz
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12 months