Sell Mono Sodium Phosphate(MSP)

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Mono Sodium Phosphate(MSP)
Molecular formula: NaH2PO4. nH2O (n=0,2)
Standard executed: GB1908-86
CAS Number: 7558-80-7
Anhydrous products is white powder, and melting point is at 190 0. Dihydrate products is colorless crystal, relative density at 1.915 g/cm3, melting point at 57.40. All easily soluble in water, but not in organic solution.
Used for water treatment to boiler, also as buffering agent to acidity, detergent, cleaning agent, dyeing flux, for tanning and electroplating. For food additive it is mainly used as buffering agent, emulsification agent, nourishment, etc.
Packing and storage:
In 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg net bags, store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.