Sell Mono potassium Phosphate (MKP)

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Mono potassium Phosphate (MKP)
Chemical Formula: KH2PO4
Main content % min 99.0
Phosphorus pent-oxide % min 51.5
Potassium oxide, as K2O % max 34.0
Moisture % max 0.2
PH : 4.4-4.8
Packing: Plastic knit bag, Net weight 25kg
White crystals, Soluble in water easily, water solution is acid. PH of 1% water solution is 4.5. Density is 2.338, melting point is 252.60C.
Used to manufacture meta phosphates in medical. Used as a high effective nonchloride P, K commpound fertilizer in agriculture; It contains totally 86% fertilizer elements; May used as a basic raw materials for N, P, K compound fertilizer.
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