Sell Mooring Winches

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"Anchor Winches and Mooring Winches mianly applicable to all kinds of large and medium tyes of ships, installed on the deck and the special equipments for mooring of ships. Mooring Winches are designed according to ISO3730-76 (shipbuilding-mooring winch) and GB/T4446-95 (mooring winch) . Our mooring winches are available in single or double drum configurations.

All winch designs are available with optional catheads.

Anchor Winches and Mooring Winches include lever operated jaw clutches, hand wheel operated band brakes. Anchor Winches include manually engaged drum dog.

All Anchor Windlasses are available in electric or hydraulic drive and can be supplied constant speed, multi-speed and variable speed. "

Types and Specification:
1. Electric Single Drum Mooring Winch
2. Hydraulic Single Drum Mooring Winch
3. Electric Dual Drum Mooring Winch