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Protection Condom Morecare Condom has a latex cover around the top of condom to prevent the secreation from each other, this is good enough to provent infection of HIV STD/AIDS.
This is a new innovention of normal condom to improve the provent of HIV function.
Please choose morecare condom, if you care.

As the HIV STD is spread quickly around the worlds, we suggest have more care to the sex, so that' s the more care condom's reason in the worlds, it can have more protection around the sex to prevent the HIV STD. it worth a try.

types: Morecare condom
Material: Natural latex;
Standard: GB7544-1999 / ISO4074
Certificate: ISO
Overall Length: Maximum 180mm
Width when Flat Laid: 49 + / -2mm, 52 + / -2mm, 55+ / -2mm
Inspection: 100% Electronically tested
Style: Dotted, plain, ribbed, pictured condom, more Lubricant, Fruity,
rubber-thorn, big-grain, supper strength, ten in one enchantment
Color: Natural color or at the buyers requirements.
Flavor: Banana / apple / strawberry/ chocolate etc;
Lubricant: Silicon oil;
Packing: Rectangle Foil; Square Foil
Unit packing: In bulk, or 3 pcs / wallet, or 10pcs / wallet or 12pcs / wallet.
Brand Name
Available Colors
pure white