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We can supply you with Morpholine (1-oxa-4-azacyclohexane) from China.

Specific property: Colorless Hygroscopic liquid. It smells ammonia. The specific gravity is 0.9994, the melting point is -4.9*C, the boiling point is 128*C. It is dissolved with water, ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether, lye etc. It is intermediary of many of the chemical products.

Large amount of morpholine are used to produce rubber promoter, such as NOBS, OTOS, and MDS, vulcanized agent, such as DT-DM, cleaning agent, filth-killer, antirust, anti-buraing, antiseptic, actine agent of surface, priating and dyeing, optics bleaching agent, optics plating liguids, antioxidizer, hydrolyfic agent, initator, dereloper, keep fruito fresh, deodorant, polishing compousd and, organic solvent. In recent years, the new uses of extraction was found in medicine, peaticide, beat medicine, petroleam and coking aromatic hydrocarbon etc.


Morpholine (wt%) - Less 99
Moisture (wt%) - Less 0.5
Color code (P-Co)  Less 15
Density (g/ml) 1.001-1.003
Boiling point 98*C(v) 126.8- 129.2

Packing: Adopt standard pail with zinc- Iron, 200kgs per pail

Minimum order: 20 FCL

Payment method: T/T with 30% deposit and 70% at sight.

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20 FCL
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