Sell Mortar Additive/Cement Admixture (1st grade to 5th grade)

Mortar Additive/Cement Admixture (1st grade to 5th grade) You May Also Be Interested In: air bladder cement admixture cement block mortar mortar additive
(A) The active agent of the mortar negative ion make the cement particle disperse, then the free water which is wraped by the cement condensed block, then disperse the condensed cement block, completely hydration, consolate the strcture, rech the technicla requirment of incresing the mortar strength.
(B) Because of the uniform and tiny Emulsification air bladder in the mortar imparted by the water repelling active agent, then increase 15%-20% the mortar production after agitating, not reduce the mortar for the replacing lime. Also, the tiny emulsification air bladder change the Sliding friction to rolling friction among the particles, make the mortar flowable, improve the Workability of the mortar obviously, and replace the whole lime in the mixing mortar, this replacment is better to protect the environment and resolve the lime buget overrun.
(C) Increase the flowability and the Water-holding capacity, make the mortar soft, flexibility and easy to shape, so it will lower the work strength, increase the work efficiency and about 20% work schedule.
(D) Good Adhesive forcement, resolve the problems of hollowing, cracking and etc. The consequent will be better if use mortar in the air-entrainning concrete, ordinary concrete, column wall, the base floor or the ground face, and also reduce the dust and keep gap plump during the building process.
(E) It produces some new cmpounds, non-toxic, Incombustible, compare with the ordinary mortar the durability increase virously, the mortar strength would increase and harder to Chisel in the later period, so please burid the water and electricity channel well in advance.

1. If the quantity of mortar additive is little, please agitate with the Machinery
2, Quantity: 0.05%-0.2% of the cements quantity, we will supply one standard 100g measure container.
3. Vertical agitating process: Powder + part sand + mortar additive + water + cement +the surplus sand +water+3-5mins agitating.
4. Rolling agitating process: Put the mortar in the cements and sand, then agitate 1min without water, then add enough water and agitate 3-5mins.
A. The first agitating, the quantity should be double in the Machinery.
B The agent should dissolve in the water first then put in the mortar if the worker to agitate.
C Should reduce 20% water after mix the mortar agent
Supply Capacity
10000 tons per month
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
10 Tons