Sell Mosaic Labyrinth Type Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

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This production line can produce mosaic labyrinth drip irrigation pipe continuously and effectively. The output has the characteristics of even thickness, high efficiency of putting emitter inside pipe and tightness between emitter and pipe.

The whole process is controlled by computer system so that the process is steady and has easy operation.

Production line characteristics:
1) It adopts centralized control by computer, having the characteristics of stable production process, easy operation, continuous production of finished goods with high efficiency.
2) Emitters feeding, choosing, transferring, storage, quantity-fixing supply and mosaic can be completed continuously and synchronously. Transfer speed can be adjusted according to production speed of drip irrigation pipe, ensuring that plastic emitters can be transferred to the bonding place of emitters on plastic pipe accurately and then bond them firmly.
3) Unique structure principle for Screw, die head, dimension-fixing cylinder and advanced materials and processing craft. Materials extruded have been plasticized evenly. Having a smooth surface of pipe-wall and stable size of dimension-fixing.
4) The vacuum water tank and oiling water tank are made of stainless steel.
Vacuum degree in vacuum water tank can be adjusted flexibly and accurately, and can be kept stable.
5) Might drying equipment can solve effectively water carrying in high-speed production.
6) It adopts two teeth type belt haul-up machine controlled with the help of frequency conversion technology, which traction speed can be adjusted synchronously. Traction speed is steady and noise is low.
7) The line adopts mechanical method for punching hole, in the meantime, it is equipped with residue recycling system. It has high speed of punching-hole (no residue) .
8) The machine adopts double-station rolling method, so it has the functions of changing roll without stopping machine. Wiring space, rolling tension and rolling length can be adjusted according to actual needs and have the functions of automatic stop and automatic alarm according to length-fixing.
ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011&3A 2000
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