Sell Mosquito & Insect Killer (LW-208C)

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Item: Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap
Model No: LW208C(with fans)
Power Consumption: 25W
Coverage area: 40square meters

Indoor Msoquito Killer, Solar Mosquito Killer, Fly Control, Insect Swatter

The smart insect killers combine the efforts of UVA lamps, electric grid and ventilation fans in order to provide effective pest control. Taking advantage of insect's phototaxis, the fluorescent lamps emit UVA rays with wavelength around 365nm proved most effective in attracting most insects. Insects are shocked on the electric grid. The ventilation fans help improves the performance by drawing insects into the appliance. It is ideal for using at home and small commercial places.

1. Casing made of fire-retardant ABS, nice and durable.
2. Harmless Hygiea UVA lamps are 30%more effective in attracting insects. Lamps have a working life of 8000 hours.
3. Collection tray at the bottom collects insect bodies easily.
4. High portability with carry handle.
5. Transparent outer grille, white top cover and bottom make a elegant match.
6. Built-in aspiration fan draws insects onto high tension grid.