Sell Mosquito Hitting Racket(battery operated)

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1. Consisting of three (3) layers of metal net.
2. Absolutely safe for people to touch the outer nets with bare finger or body, but not safe to squeeze the nets.
3. Zapping bugs dead instead of squashing.
4. Convenient to kill mosquitoes or bugs effectively, quickly and clean in the house or outdoors, no smell, no chemical, and no environmental pollution.
5. The net meshes are too small to enable childrens fingers to get through while mosquitoes or flies can do with its whole body.
6. It will initiate static force around the net zone when switched on, and therefore, whenever small bugs get in touch with the outer net, they will be attracted to the inner net to be zapped and killed.
7. Normally, bugs will possibly be zapped into pieces in one or two shocks.

1. Install two AA batteries on the battery cabinet.
2. Grip the handle, press the switch button to initiate power on the nets and light up the red indication lamp. Be sure to keep pressing the switch button while hitting bugs.
3. Never shall we get any shock or danger when we touch (not squeeze) the outer nets, so we can flap mosquito stopping on our skin with this safe swatter directly without shocks.
4. Once the mosquito get in touch with the swatter net, it certainly will not be able to escape, it may be either drawn into the inner net or fastened by static force to the outer net, but when any part of its body approach the inner net, it will eventually get shocks and zapped immediately.
5. Dead bugs on nets can be brushed off or shaken off.
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
110 to 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 12 months