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MOSQUITO KILLER is Very Useful for for Home, Office, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Home, Clinics etc.
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Mosquito Killer

* High efficiency and helps
* Prevent some diseases
* Streamline feature
* No Smell
* Environmental Friendly
* Nontoxic
* No Smoke
* Low intensity
* CFC Free
* Silent
* Non-radiation

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Mosquito Killer

Working:It is first Mosquito killer with SUCKING Technology. As if you use itin a Dark room Say your Bedroom before two hour you go to sleep you canget perfect result. Like it used be used in absolute dark room to getbetter result and next it should be kept away from wall at least 2Foot. So that it can get space to through air from fan outside. It isbest suitable for the room size of 17"X 15" or lesser.

Next it first attract the mosquito Killer from it's light (thisis actually two tubes inner produce the light along with UV rays butthe outer glass will absorb the UV RAYS as it is harmful for the Retinain the Eyes) Next when the Mosquito /Insect will come near to the light the fansucks the Mosquito /Insect inside the machine and they will touch tothe grill and due to heavy voltage grill they kill immediately if incase they pass the grill without touching they will be killed by therotation fan of the Mosquito Killer

Safety:it is 100% Safe for any one to use as if any one removes the whiteColour grill from the from and touch the High voltage grill they is nocurrent. As there is the small Micro-switch is there as soon as youremove the Grill it will completely removes the Current inside thegrill. That is why it is 100% safe for Children also.

Economical: Next it is not having any running cost as compare to other having almost Re.1.00/- + electricity of 12w

Additional Features: This can also be used as Night Lamp also

No Repellent: As company to any other repellant it do not have any chemical or pesticide as these will affect the human body also

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