Sell Mosquito Repellent of Band type

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- "Bugslock" is a mosquito controlling product to repel the mosquitos with a 100% natural aroma.
- It is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquitos from approaching by wearing it
on the wrist or ankle, where the item emits an aroma that the insect can't stand.
- As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is usable at anytime, thus it is considered a very convenient product.
- Plus, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants, in other worlds, all age groups can use it
because it is made of non-toxic substances.
- It is an elegant product with its various colors and refined designs, hence, it can be used as a form
of accessory for women and also a fun children's wear item.


Ingredients:100% natural essential oil including lavender, etc.
Net Weight: 3g
Color : blue, yellow, pink