Sell Motor Oils and Lubricants

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SELL Motor Oils for gas and diesel engines (API and SAE certified) and lubricants for industry and commercial use. Priced aggressively to distributors, to help promote fast market expansion.
Motor Oils: 10W30,5W30,10W40,15W40,10W,20W, SAE30, SAE40, SAE50
Gear Oil: 80W90, 85W140
Two Cycle: TCA, TCW3
Brake Fluid Dot 3  Dot 4
Power Steering Fluid
Transmission Fluid AFT
AW Hydraulic Oils:22,32, 46, 68, 22LT, 32LT, TDH
Chain Oils: Light, Medium, Heavy
Industrial Lubricants: WayLube68
Industrial Gear Lubes:EP220, EP68, EP320
Grease: EP-2 Moly, EP-2 LC Supreme, EP-2 Chassy (lith)
Packaging in: Litres, Quarts, 4 Litre Jugs, Gallons, 20 Litre, 60 Litre, 205 Litre